Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Apartments and daycare - Final review

On my lot, witch is located between Grettisgata 26 and Frakkastígur 15, I decided to make a kind of a new concept, in Iceland at least. There will be 3 apartments for day care parents and a common working space for their daycare. This allows the day care parents to get some privacy in their home, instead of having the children in their apartment like most of them do today. There will be about 15 children with 3 day care parents, witch creates more security and opportunity to do more stimulating work with the children.
The main concept of my project is to have a really great, colorful, fun and stimulating daycare, where the architecture is utilized to the full in creating a really interesting spaces for the children. Secondly, I wanted the apartments to be very simple, calm and relaxing. I started to look for some inspiring photos, and found a lot that helped me, witch you can see example of in my first blog.
I wanted to create a definite contrast between the apartments and the daycare, so I really went to the extreme with the daycare. I chose some really bright colors, and irregular forms in all openings to make it really adventurous. I chose currigated iron for the daycare to connect it a tiny bit to the houses in the neighbourhood, but mostly to underline the rippled or irregular look I was going for, and make it more different from the apartments witch are made of white painted concrete.
I decide to have the daycare by Frakkastígur, in front of the apartments, to interact with all the new things happening in Frakkastígur and the apartments in the back were it is more quet and private. The daycare calls for attention with some really interesting openings towards Frakkastígur. There are fun and colorful openings, These openings connect the activities in the daycare to the cultural life in Frakkastígur. The garden is situated savely behind the daycare and is surrounded by the building which create a great shelter. There are also a lot of vegetation and flowers. From the garden lies a ramp to the roof witch the children can walk up, and play on the roof. In the garden are a lot of holes and small hills with tubes that lie through them and the children can crawl in, hide themselves and play with as they like. There is sand in some holes, and a lot of simple toys that don’t mess with the architecture.

I litterally connected the carden to the interior of the daycare by letting the bumps and holes flow into the house through a big glass vall, which includes a sliding door. On the inside, the small hills create small rooms underneath the hills, and on them are some holes which the children can crawl into. With that, some interesting spaces are created, witch can be used for different things. In one I imagine a kind of a soothing mood, kind of like underwater, with a fishtank, which could be used as a napping room.

The daycare and the apartments are separated, but there is a big wall that kind of connects them together. The holes in the wall symbolize the change from the “crazy” daycare to the simple quet apartments.

Site plan
View from Frakkastígur

View from the garden into the daycare

Plan - 2nd floor

Plan - 1st floor

Section through the daycare

Section through the daycare and the apartments
Here and on the next pictures you can clearly see the difference
beetween the daycare and the apartments.

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