Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sport center

Sport center / the running house /

I wanted to create a house that could be used as an sport machine, and with many different spaces, I was thinking about excitement in the forms, chaos in the flow, a lot of life and power, that every part could be used, therefore this house is made with a lot of movement in mind.

I was also thinking a lot about materials, light and heavy forms.

The house is made of raw concrete and icelandic rock and moss, wooden floors and the path is also made of wood.

The main consept of the house is the running path and how it looks like a big rock and also the diffurant spaces and that they do not have the same height.

The house is a public sport center for the inhabitant of

Frakkastígur and the people in the city.

The center offers a lot, there is a gym and a room for all kinds of activities e.g dance, boxing, climbing, martial arts, yoga and more.

The wiew from the gym is good because it is placed in the upper part of Frakkarstígur.

The house is like one big activitie room on the inside, with variable rather open spaces that store different activities, but all the spaces are connected with a path that is used for running and walking around the house.

The center of the building is open an you can see what is going on in the house and you can see how the path leads you in every room, the path is not a stair more like a running path.

The sport center is three storey high, on the ground floor is the changing room for men and women with steam rooms.

On the top floor or on the roof there is an outside area with grass fields that people can use for playing games some activities or relax in. The roof also has a hot pool where people can relax in and enjoy the sun after hard workout and relode with the view over Frakkastígur.

In the middle of these spaces are the rooms of activities.

First you walk in to a room við bikes and than there is the room for classes, it can be allkinds of classes like eorobik, dance, martial arts and more from there you can also enter a small coffie room where you can have a smoothie, read magasines watch tv and relax after the workout.

The path will than lead you in to the cardio room with running machines and there you have a good view over the city.

The next room is the yoga room where you have an oversight over the running room.

And than you will find a stair that leads you up on the roof with the pool and grass fields.

Therefor it is the perfect place to enjoy, you can workout and then relax in the hot pool on the roof with the view over the city.


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Baldur said...

skemmtilegur stíll hjá þér Bylgja, syemningin skilar sér mjög vel á saunu myndinni