Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Art student workshop and gallery by Baldur

I was working with the idea of a small artist and public community. The project consists of a shop where art students could sell their work. A gallery, studio and an underground apartment. The site I chose is on the top of Frakkastígur facing Hallgrímskirkja. By catching the people flow around the church and increasing the flow of students up the street would the building serve as a gateway down Frakkastígur. A combination of a studio, shop and a gallery would maybe give the necessary boost of life needed to attract the peopleflow around hallgímskirkja down the street.  This kind of a workshop could be linked to the new art school as a part of a bigger project


On the top of the plan shown below is the gallery located. The studio is on the left and the shop in the bottom. The apartment is underground in the middle of the building cluster.
To make people feel welcome and invited to the building I created a terrace in  front of the Hallgrímskirkja entry where tables could be set up during the summer.

 The underground apartment
I wanted to make the experience of being underground exciting by having the materials very raw and natural. The walls are made of black lava rock and the floor of bare concrete, by having the apartment slightly lifted up you get daylight in from all sides through a narrow window, the little private garden acts as a threshold between the above ground and underground. 

To balance out the open and naked feel of the apartment I made the interior playful
with strong colors, I wanted to add some movement to the space so I made the rooms moveable. They can either serve as four individual rooms or come together and make one big room if fewer people are occupying the space

I chose to make a section that would show how the building forms connect, both with an entry to the apartment from the studio,  and from the apartment to the garden which flows inside the gallery. In this section I also wanted to show the transaction in material between above ground and under.  In the section you can also she the moveable shutters on the roof and the moving sliding doors which surrounds the glass part of the gallery. 

The working space inside the studio can transform into one single working table to suit different situations,  if more space is needed for rougher artwork (on either side of the desk space) or for closer teamwork and interaction. I wanted the studio to be rougher material vice then the gallery and to have a warehouse atmosphere. 

In this section my point is to show the relationship between the forms . The shop has an interior which can also transform or move to suit different kinds of merchandise sold in the shop. Through the middle in between the buildings (the entry from hallgrímskirkja) tables can be set up and people would get the chance to observe the daily life of the artists through a big opening on the studio shown on the left on the picture above.

I chose concrete for the exterior of the building to visually link Hallgrímskirkja to my project being  the only two bare concrete houses in the area.  Aside from having an entrance to the building from Skólavörðuholt there is also an entrance from Frakkastígur where big display windows alow you to see inside the studio and  the shop and lead you inside the building cluster. I got my inspiration from old warehouses and barns and I felt that the open and rough form of the building represented the project well. 


Snorri Þór Tryggvason said...

virkilega flott!! sérstaklega nr. 4,5,6 og 8

Baldur said...

takk maður

Ása Bryndís said...

Mjög flottar renderingar, sumar næstum eins og ljósmyndir! Er mjög hrifin af miðjurýminu, svona miðgarður klikkar ekki ;)

g&k said...

mér finnst þetta skemmtilegt verkefni og fallegar myndir hjá þér baldur. næst síðasta myndin er ótrúlega raunveruleg...