Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Café underground

Caught between the streets Frakkastígur, Kárastígur and Njálsgata there is a small parking lot. The Idea is to replace it with a green spot with a coffee house half underground, where you can sit down with a good book or for a chat. Bring your old book and exchange it for another used one or buy it cheap.

When people walk pass the coffee house, they will be able to see inside through the roof window’s scattered around the roof of the building and a large window that covers the front of the coffee house. In that way I will be able to bring the outside light in during the day and in the night the coffee house will be lit up by the light coming from the inside of the building.
The roof windows are also chairs and tables, where the old tables and chairs are built into the roof windows . The roof of the building has grass on top with small hills to sit on and small valley’s where you can lie down in.

The main entrance stands out and turns out to Frakkastígur and Njálsgata so there is no doubt where the entrance lies. An Elevator entrance is connected to the right side of the main entrance for those who have troubles making their way. From the surrounding sidewalk’s you can walk straight on to the roof and sit down in the grass.

The atmosphere inside is built in an cozy, home like style where you can see old furniture that has been put to new use. The toilets, which are partly built into the wall, is like an old fashion outhouse toilet. On the walls there are a few large spaces that are also built into the walls which customer’s can lie in with a good book or for a chat. The main space of the coffee house has inner walls that are made out of book shelf’s where people can find a book to read or to buy. The book shelf’s and the counter are built out of many random sized and shaped shelf’s from old book shelf’s.

Books are like houses they grow old with you and influence you or they leave nothing behind…

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