Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Skuggi Center


My idea was to connect Skuggi to Frakkastígur and to extens Frakkastígur into Skuggi. Skuggi and its surrounding area are crying for some colors and activities. I think that the solutions fore Skuggi would be massive color bomb with crazy stuff.
I want to open the area of Skuggi to public by changing the lover floor of Skuggi that faces Frakkastígur to shopping centre that contains small stores and activities. I also want to connect the outdoor area to the street as a multifunctional market, leisure and events area.
Skuggi has the same population as a small village in Iceland so it will need to have the same kind of service. I don’t know any village in Iceland, which has the population of Skuggi, which do not have ther one groceries store or a meeting place. I think that additionally to my idea Skuggi would need a supermarket and a health clinic and I would put them in to the ground floor from Skúlagata.

The atmosphere I want to create inside Skuggi center is lively and the atmosphere of freedom and creativities. I want people to feel welcomed and that they feel like part of the Skuggi family but not just as every other client (victims) of the sellers.

The atmosphere in the outside area should be relaxing chaotic where I want to mix to gather the atmosphere of the inside area to the chaotic of boot fairs and the relaxing part of picnics.

Designing of Skuggi center
COLOR. And more colors. At the beginning I was to stucked to the color’s but not enough in to the form. Then I started to experiment with the form of the hallway and I found a triangle form I liked mixing with the colors. Then I wanted to make something of the entrances. The entrances of Skuggi center are in the same form and colure; red tubes. One from Lindargötu, one from Frakkastígur and one from Skúlagata/Sæbraut through a bride from Skuggi to the street. The entrance to the car park is a blue tube.
I wanted the stores to flow to the hallway and be part of it I think that I can make the hallway more interesting that way and make more live on it.


POST-IT life is a lifestyle store fore people that live the post-it life. They live fast and use quick solutions.

I think that SS pylsur are the most popular souvenirs in Iceland ever one try at least one so way not put one in Skuggi Center

Red, blue, yellow and green restaurant are gourmet restaurant with top service but rather low price and quick service. Its specialties are the magnificent view over the see and to Esja through the knife, fork and spoon windows.

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