Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Landscraping - Röðull & Snorri

Ever since we started working on this project we saw a golden opportunity to connect Frakkastígur again with the element that it was originally derived from. The first actual house on Frakkastígur was the french hospital which served the purpose of servicing french sailors in Iceland.

The location is in our minds an ideal spot to connect Frakkastígur to the sea, as well as connecting the street to other parts of the city via. the footpath that runs along the shore by Sæbraut. This footpath goes all around Reykjavík and is used quite a lot by the inhabitants of the city. With the arrival of a new concert hall just a few hundred meters away there is an even bigger reason to create a sort of an "urban pause" close by. A place where people can meet up, with friends or family and take part in various activities within the space provided.

The area may be regarded as a series of clusters rather than one single element. We wanted to provide interesting and stimulating spaces where people can enjoy the scenery, have a nice cup of coffee, participate in sport events, attend concerts or just take a little time to escape the everyday urban life.

It is in our human nature to search out the new, the exciting. Something that will release us from the bonds of the ordinary. We wanted to create challenging and exciting spaces that challenge people to perceive their environment in a new and fresh way, if only for a little while. Light is very important to our project, and is used in different ways for each cluster.

The main clusters are as follows. A green space with ponds and playgrounds right next to the Skuggi-towers. A tunnel that lies under Sæbraut and connects Frakkastígur to the area by the sea. A large dome that can house concerts, lectures, sport activities, markets and gatherings of just about any sort. A multi-level café which also houses a kind of an underwater safari, where you can look straight into the sea and witness the amazing array of life that can be found underwater.

In the tunnel we wanted to create something more than just a plain concrete tunnel. We wanted to make it an adventurous place to visit by intertwining different light elements that come together to create a cozy, yet exciting environment. At an intersection within the tunnel there is enough space for concerts or even a market, surrounded by benches where people can sit down. We also wanted to make the tunnel "readable" from above by extending the light-cairns up onto the surface. We envisage that this will also grab the attention of anyone that walks or drives through the area.The ceiling of the dome is covered in holes of various shapes and sizes that break up the light and scatter it´s rays throughout the center of the dome. The dome is open on five sides, but each opening serves a different function. One opens up to the sea and creates a small alcove within the dome. The second one is linked to an outdoor recreation area and playground on the western side of the area. The third one provides access to the platform surrounding the Sun Voyager. The fourth one is situated by a kayak harbor and a large wooden deck surrounding the café. The fifth one provides access to the café itself.

The café is on three levels, resembling an iceberg with only one level above sea level. By venturing down to the second and third level one catches a glimpse into the sea itself, which will surely be a powerful visual experience. On the second level, one can access an underwater tunnel under the kayak harbor that connects again to the aforementioned intersection within the tunnel.

There is also a kayak harbor behind the "peninsula" that the cafe sits on. The peninsula provides shelter for the kayakers in is meant as a training ground before venturing out to the open sea. The tunnel beneath the harbor has a glass ceiling so that people can watch the kayakers getting ready from beneath.


Baldur said...

magic, segi ekki meir

Ása Bryndís said...

Mynd nr.4 í göngunum er rosa flott með góðum stemmara. Og næturmyndin! Flott hjá ykkur strákar :)

g&k said...

einhvernveginn grunar mig að þið hafið legið smá tíma yfir síðustu renderingunni... hehe