Friday, April 24, 2009

Barónsreiturinn - Alba, Helga Hrönn og Herborg

We are building in the huge empty space between Bjarnaborg and 10-11. 

Herborg is blue - mostly residential, Alba is red - a club for pregnant ladies and Helga Hrönn is green- a gallery 


We  wanted to make a courtyard that would connect our 3 different projects together and create a nice multifunctional outdoor space in the middle. Children playing, musical events, gallery openings, markets, picnics or people just chilling out at cafes ecc. It brings different people together and increases diversity  Hverfisgata. 

Ground floor

Also we tried to pic functions that would work nicely together and strengthen each other. The courtyard would have different levels that provides diverse smaller spaces covered with either concrete tiles or grass. Trees create some shelter and make the courtyard nice and green.


I decided to make a group of houses with multiple functions although mostly focusing on residential buildings. 

The three projects come together on a public courtyard in the middle of the lot and I wanted to make another semi-public courtyard that would mostly be used by the residents. The people living there would then have a nice cosy outdoor spot to come home to. 

Ground floor

The public and semi-public courtyard are connected with large stairs and a small stream of water that begins in a manmade pond thing in the smaller semi-public courtyard. 

Roofs and balconies

A restaurant is located by the street closest to the big courtyard, a pretty open building with big windows that you can enter both from the street and the courtyard also connecting them together. The restaurant can be extended towards the courtyard when the weather is good on a, overlooking it on a slightly higher level. The fish store is by Hverfisgata and also the tourist apartments. 

Elevation from Hverfisgata



My concept for the project  was to use well the sun that is available on my spot. I wanted to create a sunny courtyard in the back but still have the houses that face Hverfisgata quite high rise. That is around 3 stories high to maintain the streetscape. To minimize the shadows they cast I had my roofs very steep towards the courtyard and I also made many balconies facing south. 

All of my roofs are green (grass roofs) and the walls are white painted concrete. To use the sun even more I installed solar panels that cover the walls that catch the most sunlight and making them nice and blue glittery. Many of the stairs to the apartments are outside as a way to open them up towards the courtyard. The houses in the back are smaller and have the opportunity to have a small private garden area to keep, I'd like the area to be very green so the lover walls could also have vertical vegetation.


Helga Hrönn

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