Friday, April 24, 2009

Arnþór Tryggvason

I chose Hverfisgata 103 to work with. I made that decision by looking at possible connections and by analyzing car traffic and flow of people. The lot is close to Hlemmur and Barónstígur. I decided that i had to demolish the current building, because it feels like a gap in the street facades. The building stands lower and further from the street than the surrounding buildings.
I wanted my building to communicate to the street but also make a courtyard in the back. I really wanted to make the first floor to the street attractive and lively. So I got the idea to make a restaurant. I gave the comic book store, that was in the original house a space in the new house as well as a genuine kebab joint. Last but not least i made Hverfisbúðin, a small grocery store on the corner, something that every neighborhood should have.
In the course research i specially noticed that family people wasn't living at the street. Only 22 kids out of 534 living there. So I made a family friendly area and 12 apartments.
There are different kinds of scale on each side of the lot. On the east side is a 4 story building but on the west side is a 2 and a half story building. In the back is a 2 story house situated lower than the street. I basically got the form by connecting the building on the east side to the two building at the west side.
My building has a iron shell over it with pattern. Organic pattern that would give funky light inside the building during day time (summer) and lit up the darkness of the street with cosy lights during night time (winter). The street has a lot of car traffic and by having folding doors (windows) people can close them completely and get away from the noise of the city. That would also give the building constant change of look.

Site plan

Elevation south

Elevation north


Ground floor plan

2nd floor plan

3rd floor plan

4th floor plan

3d model

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