Sunday, April 26, 2009

Magnús Friðriksson

Sometimes Hverfisgata looks like there is a curfew. There is nobody in the street. How to change that? My contribution is to choose an empty space between two houses, then to create a structure for a farmers´ market. A dead zone will become a commercial centre where people look for fresh products. The structure will connect the two houses, Hverfisgata 78 and Hverfisgata 82.
The market will be covered. An adjacent wall of house number 82 will seem to be falling down. Corresponding adjacent wall of house number 78 will seem to be starting to fall, the lowest part will seem like torn out to the middle of the ground.The market is in two parts. One is in the new building, the other is part of house number 78. The market is on one floor with a high ceiling. Behind the market is a little square.

facade view from Hverfisgata floor plansection
3d view

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