Sunday, April 26, 2009


My project is on the building site Hverfisgata 33. The existing house on the site is a three storey post-modern building. The area from Klapparstígur down to Ingólfsstræti is my favorite part of the street. All the buildings are very old, beautiful and are a part of Icelandic history except for Framsóknarhúsið at Hverfisgata 33. I think the style, location on the site and the form do not connect with the houses around, especially the Danish embassy, which is a classical white concrete building. The house appears like a big mass or a wall beside the embassy. The activity in the house is very sealed off and the location needs more life and people. I want to bring young people to the street so I decided to do a hostel and a coffee laundromat.
In the project I keep the main structure of the existing house. I cut into the form on the west side of the building, beside the Danish embassy because there it is often sunny. Therefore it is ideal to have an outside sitting area. On that side I have large glass window to bring the light into the house. On the east side I also cut the form to bring light into the darker part of the building were the laundromat and hostel rooms are located.

On ground floor there is a café and laundromat and the hostel lobby. The lobby can be opened up towards the café.

On the secound floor there are five rooms for the hostel guests, bathrooms, a linen room and a small balcony.
On the third floor there is one guest room, a kitchen, sitting room, bathroom and a small balcony on the back of the house which has a beautiful view over Esjan. On the third floor there is also a large balcony facing Hverfisgata that has a jacuzzi, outdoor shower and a sitting area for the hostel guests.

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