Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Apartments and daycare

In my lot, witch is located between Grettisgata 26 and Frakkastígur 15, I decided to make a kind of a new concept, in Iceland at least. There will be 3 apartments for day-parents and a common working space for their daycare. This allows the day-parents to get some privacy in their home, instead of having the children in their apartment like most of them do today. There will be about 15 children with 3 dayparents, witch creates more security and opportunity to have more stimulating work with the children.

The apartments will be rather simple and calm so the day-parents can get the rest I think they really need. But the workspaces will be really colorful, fun and stimulating, and designed to fit the needs of the children. I want to use the architecture to create really exiting and fun spaces for the children to play with. There will also be kind of a soothing mood in some spaces, kind of like underwater, for example in the napping room. Some spaces will be really open to the street to connect it to cultural life. Vegetation will be used a lot, especially to create a great outdoor area with a nice playground, were the children can really get in touch with nature.

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