Wednesday, April 9, 2008


interplay without mergence - the interplay of different elements without merging them into one, allowing each component to be appreciated for itself and in the interaction between the other components. (components being past/future, interior/exterior, you/me, public/private etc). awaken the feeling for presence of people living in the houses with certain usage and handling of materials and lighting. combine the old with the new in a respectful way allowing different architectural styles to be appreciated as a heterogeneous mixture.

bridge - the connection of individuals, focus on community and culture, play with the gray area between public and private. create a warm atmosphere and inviting environment and a sense for a home. connecting gardens in order to bring the inhabitants together, without cutting their privacy from them.

- weave nature and man made surroundings together, and brake down barriers. loosen the grip on the future look and feel of architecture and acknowledge its development and aging, allow growth. balance the activity in the block throughout the day by placing a e.g. an indoor-outdoor pet café or a restaurant in the block and connecting the street and the garden in the back.

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