Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Cultural Melting Pot

We want to create a multi purposed art center, a melting pot of cultural activites related to art. The idea is to have a place where people can come together, sit down for a cup of coffee and read art magazines and books. At the same place there will be open art studios where artists can be seen at work and anyone can step inside and see their works in the making. There will also be a gallery selling the products and small exhibition halls.

An art residency program will be operating where artists from anywhere in the world can come to live and work for a few months at a time. The Artists will have their private living space in a part of the building, workshops and a studio that is open to guests at any time.

We want to make this place attractive to all kinds of people and everyone will be welcome to put their mark on the place in any way. We want to make the building dynamic and adaptable to all kinds of different activities and happenings. We see the building change with the artists staying there and the people visiting.

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