Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Student-oriented housing

I got the insparation in Marokko where all the houses are built in a square with að inside garden in the middle. In the old days the rich families lived in houses called Riad. The house was built on 3-4 floors with a fountain or something other in the center.

My project is building a student-oriented housing were the building will mainly contain studio-apartments and perhaps some apartments for a couple. The apartments will be situated in a cluster of 2-3 storey buildings that frame a courtyard and the buildings will be placed between the old houses. The courtyard is the concept in this project and my idea is to bring a good atmosphere with the residents.

The courtyard will have some kind of midpoint which will bring the students together. The buildings will also make a shelter in the courtyard but will not be too high so the sun can’t shine. Also the courtyard will be a quiet area where people can perhaps sit outside and learn, like in university’s courtyards.

I’ve just started sketching in Sketchup so the designing has just begun.

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