Friday, April 11, 2008

Student workshop and gallerie at the top of Frakkastígur

The concept for my project is to increase the flow of students and tourists by locating a gallery at the very top of Frakkastígur. A combination of a studio, coffeehouse and a gallery where art students could sell their work. This would give the necessary boost of life needed to attract the people flow around Hallgrímskirkja down the street. this kind of a workshop could be linked to the new artschool as a part of a bigger project, where students could live in the workshop in exchange for their work. People would get the chance to observe the daily live of the artists while enjoying a cup of coffee.


I want to work with the idea of a small transforming clustered community of artists and public. where different heights and shapes of platforms and other interior and exterior forms make an exciting and inspiring atmosphere for the body and mind. The space marked by the surrounding clustered building mass would be a space where all of these forms interact and connect by different pathways and lighting. through various openings  in the middle of this small community would the public be able observe the artists at work, 


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