Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A New Plaza and a Coffee House

Caught between the streets Frakkastígur, Kárastígur and Njálsgata there is a small parking lot. I want to replace that into a green spot with a coffee house half underground, where you can sit down with a good book or for a chat. Bring your old book and exchange it for another used one or buy it cheap. Books are like houses they grow old with you and influence you or they leave nothing behind…
Intended to create a better connection between the inhabitants of the street.
These words and photos describe the subject.

Cosy You don´t have to be in a hurry
Colors The colors from the house in the street
People People are colorful

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Eyþór Jóvinsson said...

eðri myndin allveg mögnuð! hvar í óskupunum fannstu hana :)