Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sport center

Public sport center for the inhabitant of Frakkastígur and the people in the city.

For both children and adults, the center will offer a lot.

There will be a gym and a room for all kinds of activities e.g dance, boxing, climbing, martial arts, yoga and more.

The view from the gym will be good because it is placed in the upper part of Frakkastígur.

The house will be like one big activitie room on the inside, with variable rather open spaces that will store different activities, but all the spaces will be connected with a path that will be used for climbing, running and more.

The center of the building will be open and you can see what is going on in the house and you can see how the path leads you in every room, the path will not be a stair more like a running path.

The sport center will be three storey high, on the ground floor is the changing room for men and women and on the top floor or on the roof there will be an outside area with a hot pool and some chairs where you can enjoy the sun, with the view over Frakkastígur, and in the middle of that all the rooms of activities.

Therefor it is the perfect place to enjoy, you can workout and then relax in the hot pool on the roof with the view over the city.

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