Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Music School

I’d like to make The Music School more of a whole by adding an extension by the French Hospital building and thus keeping the entire school on one plot. I envision a bright and open building bursting with creativity.

The current traffic plan around the plot is not convenient and cuts off the school from its surroundings. I’d like some modifications to it so the plot will integrate better with the bordering streets. A small outdoor venue for all kinds of musical and creative events is something I’d like to add as well, possibly connected to the project down by Sæbraut. Canopies and vegetation would shelter it from the strong winds coming from the sea.

The school is at present time surrounded by big buildings and is therefore a bit lost in the shadows. The goal of my project is to make it an inspiring locale for the practice of music, as well as a desirable place to visit and enjoy creativity.

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