Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Landsc(r)aping - Röðull Reyr & Snorri Þór

Outdoor and indoor multi-purpose recreational area that connects the people of Frakkastígur with the rest of the city. An ideal location since the footpath by the shore already provides a strong connection with other neighborhoods.

*Strong colors and low-rise buildings
*Can be seen from far away
*Livens up the area and serves as a connecting element to other parts of the city.
*Connected to the new concert hall via. footpaths.
(we want to create a cluster of low rise elements that form a unified group of activities)

(light is very important in our minds to create different atmospheres to subdivide the clusters)

(we want to use colors to emphasize certain areas and to be able to "read" different activities)
(a model "sketch" of forms that we intend to use in our design)
(a sketch of an opening into a landscaped element.)

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Baldur said...

vá geggjað concept, ég froðufelli yfir tilhugsuninni af öllum þessum awesome formpælingum... dudes