Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2008 Frakkastígur

This studio is the second chapter of a semester-long project about one street in downtown Reykjavík called Frakkastígur. The street runs from the seafront up to the top of the hill at the Church of Hallgrímskirkja. In Part 1 of the course, for 5-weeks, the students completed a monumental and detailed research of the street which will be exhibited at the Nordic House starting Thursday April 10th at 17h. At the end of the research, the students also split up 10 001m3 of space between them and formulated a program to be designed for Part 2 of the course. The 10 001m3 space available consisted of 25% residential use, 25% retail use, 25% office use, 25% cultural space use.

For part 2 of the project, the students now have to plan and design the program they created, within the street. They will do it by researching their program and concept online, modeling their project in 3d on the computer, render presentation images and plans on the computer, and present all their documents on the internet using this blog. Our lives are entirely weaved with computer and in the internet. We could argue we live our life with one foot in the physical world and the other foot in the virtual world. For example, we communicate with one person in the same day using MySpace but also face-to-face. This studio aims to integrate architecture into our virtual lives also.

In the first wave of posts, each student will introduce shortly its project and show 1 or 2 crucial images extracted from the research they did in the first week of work.

But first here is the diagram produced at the end of part 1 that shows the plots available on Frakkastigur and the different projects envisioned.

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